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Adding/Subtracting Albums

Jun 2, 2008 at 1:44 AM
I'm more or less completely lost to the coding that Slide.Show involves, but generally I can follow it. I followed the quickstart guide, to the letter, and basically nothing happened. I uploaded every folder and file from the download to my website, and some of the samples worked. So my method of approach was to change the data file on the "typical" sample. I can simply change the pictures in the pictures folder to my own pictures, but I don't want as many albums, so when I delete an album, then the typical sample no longer works. If I add an album, everything works fine. Why must I have six or more albums? Do I have to change another file as well? Also, when I decrease the number of pictures in an album, I get an error code of 2207. Why? Thanks in advance.