control inside a listview

May 19, 2008 at 4:56 PM
I'm trying to create a slideshow control inside of an listview that will display a different set of images for each record in the results list.
here's briefly how it works and what's  happening.

The listview's on itemDataBound event simply writes the "new slideshow.control..." text to an asp:literal tag inside the listview on the content page

when the page loads you can see the slideshow load with all the correct images, it's there for an instant and then a "unspecified" javascript error pops and all the slideshow control images disappear and the slideshow just sits there as gray box.

if I have the listview's  itemDataBound event  write the same" new slideshow.control..."  text to an asp:literal control outside of the listview on the content page everything works great, it only blows up when the asp:literal tag is inside the listview.

Any idea what may be going on?