Pictures rendered thru ASHX

May 1, 2008 at 2:11 PM
I am loving the Slide.Show - great work!

My current foto blogging engine ( handles all of the pictures sizing, rendering and serving dynamically. For example, when I create a new album, all I do is upload the original photos and the image handler (ashx) does the serving up of the images (thumbnails, posters, etc). I also could configure the ashx to overlay a watermark on served images.

Now, here's my question :)
I would like to use Slide.Show in my blog and would like the source of the photos to come from my ashx. I tried changing the data.xml entry "<slide image= thumbnail=" to the handler's fully qualified url. But, when I run the app, Slide.Show errors out.

Can someone share ideas on how one can accomplish this please

Thank you