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Get images from custom service

Apr 28, 2008 at 11:50 AM
Hi I really like this slide show!

I would like to use it with my own image service.... how can I accomplish this...??

I will have to dynamically set a list of parameters for this call, like folder_id, image profile etc.. And it must be able to change these on the fly, allowing me to point it to any folder in my service on the fly.

an example of a single image from my service is here:\\Photo\\kfuk\\Hummel-old-school-poly-suit---50-198.jpg&installationID=29&profile=10&mountPointID=1

I want to by giving a folder/category id, create a slide show of alle the images in the given folder..

Can anyone help me to improve this wonderful app. to suit this...??

Regards Dann