What am I doing wrong?

Jan 30, 2008 at 12:47 PM
First, I am not a programmer. I am a pc technician. I have dabbled in programming, so I understand basic concepts and pick up on most processes when I have a project. This one has me stumped.

I have followed the Quick Start Guide to the letter. I downloaded silverlight 1.0, slideshow, and typed the three files needed: configuration.xml, data.xml, and page.html.

I get the black box after typing up the main page. But, when I try to add the configuration piece, I am not getting the controls at the bottom. I still only get the black box.

I did put my page, the config file, and the data file in the folder at the same level as the silverlight and slideshow .js files just in case that was the problem. It did not help.

Can someone tell me what I am missing or doing wrong?

Jan 30, 2008 at 5:00 PM
It's really hard to say without knowing more. Probably akin to one of your customers calling and saying "I plugged it in , and hit the power button, but it's broke" :) :)


Sounds like your on the right path. Can you post the contents of the actual .html file and such so we can take a look. Probably something simple.
Jan 30, 2008 at 6:57 PM
Sorry. Ok, the first bit of code is my main page. I named it main.html. When I run it before I add the configuration code, I get the black box on the page. It is afterwards that I have problems.

Here is main.html:

<script type="text/javascript" src="Silverlight.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="SlideShow.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
new SlideShow.Control(new SlideShow.XmlConfigProvider());

The next bit is my configuration file:

<configuration width="600" height="400" background="Silver">
<module type="SlideViewer" />
<module type="ProgressBar" />
<module type="SlideDescription" />
<module type="NavigationTray">
<option name="thumbnailViewer.left" value="83" />
<transition type="FadeTransition" name="CrossFadeTransition" />
<transition type="WipeTransition" name="WipeRightTransition">
<option name="direction" value="Right" />

I don't get pass this point because the controls do not show up at the bottom of the page.

Can you tell me if there should be a certain directory structure? What programs do I need besides Silverlight and Slide.Show?

Jan 30, 2008 at 10:47 PM
hi there, i have same problem, it would be nice , if you can tell us which files are most important, actually the code we download is not same we are watching the demo.

Jan 31, 2008 at 12:48 AM
Edited Jan 31, 2008 at 12:49 AM
I just posted a quick setup guide.

Feb 3, 2008 at 6:53 PM
jlanaux, how are you trying to view your page? you need to be viewing from a site running on a server. I just created a page in FrontPage and could not preview in the browser, but when I published it to my server the control shows up. HTH
Mar 13, 2008 at 9:22 PM
I too am having problems getting the slide.show version 1.1 to work.
I am at work now and have IIS 5.1 running on XP pro SP2.
I already had an ASP application setup on working for years on this box, but I created a new virtual directory slideshow and and isolated it.
The permissions are sufficient to allow access to the script and XML files.
I followed the Quick Start Guide to the letter and tried to load from my IE7 browser using this URL:
The slideshow appears and appears to respond to mouseover events, but none of the photos or album image specified in the data.xml file appear.
The only button that responds to a click is the "full screen" button.

I have silverlight 2.0 installed, but it is supposed to be backward compatible with 1.0.

Logically, since the control loads and is sized per the configuration.xml and appears to have some functionality, it seems as if the problem lies in the reading of the data.xml file.

I checked it twice and I don't see a problem with it. Do you?

The images used to be a separate sub-directory, but I moved them to the root folder to simplify things hoping it might help.
It did not.

<data transition="CrossFadeTransition">
<album title="Halloween 2001" description="Some crazy people at work!" image="album1.jpg">
<slide title="Tina"
description="Tina dresses as Cruella Deville"
thumbnail="hw001tinat.jpg" />
<slide title="Kelly"
description="Kelly dresses as the 13 of hearts?"
thumbnail="hw2001kellyt.jpg" />

Yes, I verified that the files do in fact exist. Even renamed them to all lower case.
Emptied browser cache, reloaded browser, etc... no help.

Thanks to anyone that can solve this mystery.

I will try this from my Vista Ultimate loaded laptop this evening to see if I have better luck on that platform.
Mar 17, 2008 at 4:11 AM
I think the reason you can't see your images is because of the missing forward slash in the path before your image.
My data images are in a sub-dir called images and my data is written like this:
title="Slide Title #4"
description="Slide Description #4"
thumbnail="images/tableOrgan-s.jpg" />

I also have an image on the root dir and the forward slash is needed.
title="Slide Title #1"
description="Slide Description #1"
thumbnail="/neobPic1s.jpg" />

I hope this helps.
Mar 28, 2008 at 4:16 AM
Actually, dtomas is on the right track.

I found (at least in my situation) that you need to include the containing folder name (the one that has all the slide show files in it) in the path as well.

For example if your images reside in the photos folder (i.e., "/photos/myimage.jpg"), and your other files (including the photos folder) reside in the "SlideShow" folder, the path you need to use to have the photos show up is "/SlideShow/photos/myimage.jpg"

Hope that helps.