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What is Slide.Show?

Slide.Show is an open source Silverlight control for publishing highly-customizable photo slideshows on the Web.

UPDATE! Slide.Show 2 is now available as a separate CodePlex project! Slide.Show 2 is a port of the original Slide.Show application to managed code for Silverlight 2. It includes all of the features of Slide.Show 1 and more.

Slide View

Album View

Memorabilia Sample


  • Minimal setup and configuration
  • Resizable for any Web page design
  • Full-screen and embedded modes
  • 100% configurable via XML or your own custom provider
  • Slideshow data from XML, Flickr, or your own custom provider
  • Auto-playback with numerous transitions (e.g. fade, shape, slide, wipe)
  • Cross-browser (e.g. IE 6/7/8, Firefox 2/3, Safari 2/3, PC and Mac)
  • Supports Silverlight 1.0 and Silverlight 2
  • Open source (e.g. extensible controls, configuration and data provider models, commented code)

Quick Links

Slide.Show was developed by Vertigo. Please visit us for more information about this project and other news.

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